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What To Do With Slow Draining Bathroom Sink?

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There are many reasons for the slow draining bathroom sink. It can be hair, food, or gunk that get stuck below the sink. Chemicals is used to clear out all the food and hair that get stuck by destroying it. Yet, today, we can have so many alternatives for how to clear the sink, so that the water can go normally.

Natural Way

Now, you do not chemicals to clean the sink. Unclog bathroom sink naturally may be a good choice. You can use the materials you can find in refrigerator, baking soda, vinegar, and also lemon juice. Prepare half cup for each materials. The very first step to do is removing the drain cover. Most of it are thread into the drain, so that you have to unscrew it by turning the cover to the left. The next thing to do is pouring the baking soda to the drain, then pour vinegar after the baking soda. Here, you will see the it will fizz and bubble. The bubble will eat all the things that clog the drain. Sometimes, there is unpleasant smells come up, you can give it lemon juice. Yet, rinse the baking soda and vinegar first. This is the simplest way you can do for slow draining bathroom sink.

Unclog the Sink

There is another way to clean the clogged sink, especially if it is hair that making the sink clogged. You can try to create a hook from hanger. Make sure that it is long enough to reach the stopper. Put the hook to the sink, until it stuck to the stopper, twist the hook to take everything that clog the sink. By twisting the hook, stuck hair can be easily taken. Take the hook back, and the hair will be taken. Put it in trash. Do it again until you do not feel any hair stuck. This way also can clean food that clog the stopper. If you already finish, you can test it by turning on the faucet.

Some people also use hot water to get rid of food that clog the stopper. Some also will remove the stopper and clean it. Yet, if you have skills to do this, you can try to simply remove the stopper and clean it. If not, then try to do those two ways to unclog the sink. If the way does not work for you, you better call the professional, since there must be problem down the line. Do not forget to use rubber gloves when using chemicals.