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Small Bathroom Decor Ideas Tips

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Nowadays it is inevitable that people end up with a small bathroom inside their house since it is quite difficult looking for a nice sized home with affordable price nowadays. However, there are many small bathroom decor ideas that you can search and applied it to your own small bathroom so that you can have a small yet sophisticated bathroom. There are also certain tricks that you can do so that your small bathroom will seem like it is wider and bigger than it actually is. Here are some tips for your small bathroom.

1. Use the Space Wisely

Since you have a small bathroom, you should choose small bathroom décor ideas that maximize the use of the space inside the bathroom wisely so that there are no wasted spaces. Keep the bathroom furniture to the corners and also shrink your toilet so that there is more open space in the middle of the room. For small bathroom, you should also float or wall mounted as much as bathroom furniture as possible such as the sink and the storage spaces. Use open shelves so that they can create an illusion that your bathroom is bigger than it actually is.

2. Choose Solid Colors

As for the color palette, a small bathroom is better off with solid colors and less patterns or motives since too much patterns will only make the bathroom look crowded and cramped. Choose small bathroom decor ideas that are made of light and natural tones that will make the small space look more opened and feel spacious. It is also better when you only use one or two colors inside a small bathroom to minimize the crowded feeling a colorful palettes will create. You can also play with textures instead since you cannot play with patterns.

3. Use Clear Glass and Mirrors

Other important small bathroom décor ideas to keep in mind are the materials used in some of your bathroom furniture. Look for bathroom furniture pieces that are made from light and transparent materials such as glass. Use glass for your bathroom storage as well as the shower stall. You can also incorporate mirrors inside your small bathroom to make it seems bigger. Place a large frameless mirror on top of your bathroom counter or vanity table so that it can reflect the light right back at the small bathroom and make it looks bigger.