Elegant Small Guest Bathroom Ideas

Small Guest Bathroom Ideas

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Small guest bathroom ideas will help you to create your dream bathroom if you have many guests at your home. The guest can be your far family or your siblings that may come in the holiday or it can be your friends that frequently visit your home. Here we provide you some ideas that will not cost much for small guest bathroom. Your guest will feel a larger and brighter bathroom although it is quite small in space.

Glass Bathroom Ideas

Recently, the most popular ideas for bathroom is the modern one that includes contemporary style. It surely will give comfortable feel and space-saving for your guests. For this style, you can try glass design ideas that can give your bathroom atmosphere of comfort feels. This design requires you to have a plan, such as compact shower enclosures, glass partitions, glass shower screens and colors selection. Shower bathroom fixture also has to blend with other interior and wall decorating. It is wise to choose bright color for your small bathroom such as pink, blue, or cream.

Open Walk In Bathroom

Open walk in shower is one of the best options for your bathroom design. You can choose a bathroom without a door and you can replace it with a curtain so that you can simply walk in to have shower. You also can use small glass partitions or screens to make it more beautiful and modern. For the shower head, you can choose rain-style or any modern shower head that could fit with the bathroom fixture.

Other tips

Modern style fixture also can create the bathroom look larger. Sliding doors are also recommended in the small bathroom design. Small bathtubs are suggested to save more space. The toilet should be in modern style and the sinks’ color can blend with the whole space. The vanities can be in compact style, or you can simply hang your accessories on the wall to save more space, such as storage shelves, towel racks, and other. Large wall mirrors will give effect to a larger and modern bathroom. Storage shelves can be hung above the bathtub so that it will save more space. The materials for the shelves can be metal or wood to add modern feels. It will give attractive and stylish as well as make the whole room has the proper functions. Hopefully this article will give you small guest bathroom ideas.