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Standard Bathroom Vanity Sizes Options

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Are you looking for information on standard bathroom vanity sizes for your bathroom interior design? Not to mention, working with vanities within bathroom interior design is very crucial. Vanity is obviously the most important element of bathroom interior not only because of its function but also because of its design value. First of all, as for its function, vanity is very essential as the main storage for bathroom stuffs. For example, you may want to maximize vanity storage to keep in your towels, soap and their friends. Other than that, vanity in the bathroom also functions as the main station for sinks and mirror. The condition of the vanity considerably determines the type, size and also the material of the sinks you need to install for your bathroom. Secondly, bathroom vanity is very essential to overall bathroom design. Since vanity is the most salient elements of the design and furniture within the bathroom interior, you can enhance interior design, color and theme by simply managing vanity’s color scheme, material and size. So crucial and important is the bathroom vanity that it requires perfect measurement of width, depth and height in its installation.

Why size matters

So why is it important to measure the right size for your vanity installation? Well, considerably, bathroom interior design brings forth some reasons. First, bathroom interior scale often requires perfect adjustment. Highly consideration is really required for installation in different bathroom scale. For small bathroom, you need to consider saving more space by adjusting the size of the vanity, including its height, depth and width. The location of installation also matters, which is whether you want to make it wall-mounted or free-standing. Second, size of the vanity is very dependent to particular bathroom design. For example, if you are working on luxurious design for bathroom, the large size of the bathroom vanity will be the first thing to consider. With standard bathroom vanity sizes, departure of adjustment of other elements, such as countertop, sinks, faucets and backsplash will be possible.

Standard sizes for vanity

Basically, various sizes of vanity are available on the furniture stores. These differences lie in the different type of the vanity door and drawer. However, standards sizes apply for common bathroom vanities. For standard measurement, you can consider having vanity with 18” x 21” x 34”. Of course this measurement is adjustable. For example, you can add a countertop with particular material adding height up to 2 or 3 inches. As for another consideration, the width of the cabinet is the most adjustable. Especially when you want to install a wall-mounted vanity, width is not limited but adjusted with the width of the wall in standard bathroom vanity sizes.