Repainting Bathroom Cabinets Gray

Steps to Repainting Bathroom Cabinets

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Repainting bathroom cabinets will be the great idea for welcoming new moon session. There will be a lot of projects you can do associated to the new look of your home. You can try many ideas like repainting some cabinets in the bathroom or other rooms. Of course, this project may look difficult for you.

Usually, some people will use some papers to decorate their interior room. Or, they can also use some wallpapers or stickers. But, now you can try repainting some cabinets and add some new accessories there. Keep reading below! Here are some ideas you can try.

The Basic Steps

First of all, you can supply some materials. Here are some materials you need:

• Denatured alcohol
• Degreaser sponge
• Primer paint
• 220 grit sand paper
• Disposable foam brusher
• Small foam roller
• Semi gloss paint

Well, those are all some materials you have to prepare before starting this project.

Next Steps to Do

After preparing those materials you can continue working on the next steps. First of all, you have to remove your hardware. What does it mean? It means you need to remove your cabinet doors. You have to unscrew them and remove all the hinges from the door back side.

Then, you have to clean all side of those cabinets. For cleaning it, you can use degreaser sponge in order to remove grime, gross dirt, and other stickiness. Whatever you have, don’t leave this cleaning part. It will really make you easier to repaint it with other paints.

After it getting clean, you can sand the surface perfectly. It will help you to apply the paint fully. You can wait them dried up. Well, we cannot deny that sometimes the cabinet surface is rough enough. Sometimes, they are also rippled and get water damage. That’s why you have to sand it.

Well, now you are going to apply denatured alcohol on those surfaces. It will help you to remove any left dust on the cabinet surface. You can use it with nose mask. It contains unwanted smells. Or you can open your bathroom window while doing this step.

After getting dried, you will continue apply the primer paint on those cabinet surfaces. You can paint them perfectly. Last, you can replace the cabinet doors and other hardware parts. Finally, those are all some simple steps for you repainting bathroom cabinets.