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Supplementary Half Bathroom Decorating Ideas for Dazzling Result

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It is small but highly functional. It could be the second most visited room by your guests after guest room. Due to half bath’s significance in the house, do not just make it comfortable but also make it dazzling. Here are half bathroom decorating ideas that will bring out the dazzling result. Try it and feel the different.

Half Bathroom Decorating Ideas – Make Statement

Each part inside the house should illustrate the owner, including your half bathroom designs or some people call it powder room. One good way to do it is by making a statement with bold wallpaper. Nonetheless, you need to careful when you do it. A good size of bold pattern wallpaper in a great space could complement the look and give illusion of larger space but too much busy pattern could overpower and shrink the space feeling. So, only put it on small but centered space to catch the eyes. Just a roll is commonly enough.

The other half bathroom decorating ideas to make statement is hanging a good painting on the wall. Choose painting with relaxing effects or cheery or anything that could bring happiness. You do not want your guest to feel intimidated by the paint and become sick. Pay attention on the colors of the painting. Make sure the colors harmonized with the wall color.

Half Bathroom Decorating Ideas – Make Pretty Look

Even a small room needs accessories to look pretty. Thus, one of half bathroom decorating ideas is to add accessories to your half bathroom. However, half bath has very small space that you must thoughtful with the choice of accessories. Always choose small size and never put too much.

Something beautiful but also functional is the best choice of accessories to improve room effectiveness and space efficient. Try plush hand towels in best color to complement wall and furniture color. Next is a pair of stunning sconces hung on right and left side of the mirror to make it look like a pair of earring. The other idea is small chandelier hung on the ceiling. Not only look gorgeous, the light will increase room elegance.

You can also put artwork to increase the pretty look of the room. A small figurine in the corner or on the vanity will add the charm. Then, put a small vase with fresh flower will complete half bathroom decorating ideas. Not only the pretty look, but also the nice scent of the flower will bring good mood inside this small but important room.