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Surprising Average Cost of Bathroom Remodel

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The average cost of bathroom remodel is varied depending on how much of the bathroom you want to remodel and the local price on the area you are living. The average price people pay to remodel their bathroom is about nine thousand dollars for a full bathroom remodel. The lowest cost people have to pay is about two thousand dollars and the highest cost to remodel a bathroom reached twenty thousand dollars. Most home owner spent between five thousand and twelve thousand dollars to fully remodel their bathroom, though.

1. Bathroom Remodeling Cost Estimation

The average cost of bathroom remodel is broken up as follows. Installing a bathtub will cost you as low as four hundred dollars and the highest price is eight thousand dollars. Installing cabinets is lowest at one thousand and two hundred dollars and highest at thirteen thousand dollars. Installing shower will cost between four hundred and fifty dollars and ten thousand dollars and installing toilets will cost you between a hundred and thirty dollars and seven hundred and eighty dollars. This price estimation does not include the price for countertop remodel or flooring remodel. However, you will not have to pay for this much money since you can simply refinish your cabinets if you want a fresh look or simply repaint the walls.

2. Small Bathroom Remodeling Cost

Small bathroom is, of course, will have less average cost of bathroom remodel since they have less square footage to cover. The cost of remodeling small bathroom is divided in three aspects, changing the lay out, changing fixtures and appliances, and repairing or changing the plumbing and electrical lines. Changing the layout of the bathroom will cost you more since you will also have to change the plumbing and the electrical lines inside the bathroom.

3. Large Bathroom Remodeling Cost

When someone has a large bathroom to remodel, they usually want to upgrade the bathroom appliances or to make the bathroom look more modern and look fresher. The average cost of bathroom remodel in order to modernize it usually cost between five and eighteen thousand dollars, depending on the area you live in. aside from making your large bathroom look more modern, some people also wish to upgrade the plumbing and electrical lines inside their old large bathroom. Since remodeling large bathroom will cost you a lot more, you should plan the remodeling very carefully so that the budget you have will not be wasted on something not really important.