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Things to Consider for Tiled Bathroom Ideas

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Do you apply tile for your bathroom or the others room in your house? Many people apply tile for their bathroom floor for sure. You probably apply tile too for your bathroom floor. So, it is very common that tile is perfect and most favorite choice for bathroom floor in specific and the others room in general. Tile is not only can be used for floor, but also other part of room, such as wall. You may apply tiled bathroom ideas for your bathroom style.

Reason for choosing tile

Tile is good choice for bathroom floor. It is used for some reason. Ceramic tile material offers strong protection for bathroom floor because it has strong durability towards water. Moreover bathroom floor is often wet and from water splash.

The other good reason for choosing tile is because tile has durable ability so it will last longer than linoleum. And also by applying tile, it will increase marketability of your house. It is because tile has beautiful appearance so it will add aesthetic value toward your bathroom.

Choosing tile design

In choosing tile, you must choose tile with best size for your bathroom, because a correct tile size will be able to help you to make an illusion room. Generally, there are some tile sizes, including small, medium, large and extra large. To make an illusion room, you must choose correct size. For example, when you have a small bathroom, you must not choose small tile. It is because small tile will give small room impression.

When you look for tile, you will find two kinds of tile, the first one is flat tile, and the other one is patterned tile. You may choose the tile as you like, you may match it with your style and with the design of your bathroom. Line pattern will give large room impression, so apply it to your bathroom wall. Bold mosaic will give busy touch.

Choosing tile color

You may already have style for choosing tile. But don’t forget to match it with the bathroom design. As for color, here are some ideas for your tile color.

By applying pink tile to bathroom floor and wall, moreover with simple lighting, it will look perfect. White and black combination will look luxurious if you add gold frame mirror, and soft green and gray will give you warm impression.

Those are some tiled bathroom ideas to be applied for your bathroom.