Amazing Tropical Bathroom Decor

Tropical Bathroom Decor Ideas

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Bathroom is likely one of the spaces in our home where we can get a complete privacy. The bathroom is not just a place where we do to start and end the day but also a place where we can find relaxation within a hectic day. Because of that reason, if we want to remodel the bathroom, we have to turn it into a relaxing retreat; one of the best ideas is giving it tropical bathroom decor.

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Things to Consider When Building Tropical Bathroom Decor Ideas

There are factors we have to consider when we want to give the bathroom a tropical accent, such as:

  • Color palette: Selecting the right color palette to set the stage for the bathroom. Tropical design commonly uses either earthy, muted colors. If we would like to have an invigorating experience any time we enter the bathroom, bright colors such as vibrant orange, teal and salmon are the best options. If we want to have a subdued look, sage green, sky blue, sand or other color scheme that reflects pale tones are the most logical option. Whichever palette we choose, we can easily incorporate the color the flooring, accessories and paint to create a perfect tropical bathroom decor.
  • Natural elements: This is one of the most important elements of tropical design. We can set a glass vessel sink on top of a wood vanity. Glass or travertine mosaic tiles in the walls shower or on the countertop will deliver a more natural accent. Wrought iron or brass knobs and faucets on shower and sink to complete the tropical accent and river rock to decorate and support the tropical design.
  • Lighting: Tropical bathroom decor must get enough sunlight. If our bathroom has windows in the space, it means we are a step ahead. We can cover and decorate them with bamboo blinds or plantation shutters to provide privacy without blocking the sunlight to come in. But, if the bathroom does not have a window, maybe we need to add one. But, if adding a window is something impossible, we can illuminate the bathroom with artificial light. Placing recessed lighting above the shower and sink gives the space a warm glow.

To complete the look of the tropical design, we need to place some accessories. Place a jute or sea grass rug on the floor. Shower curtain that is made from woven fabric lends well to the design. Accessories that are made from bamboo are also great option since the plant is commonly found in tropical countries.

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