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Types of Bathroom Countertop Materials; Pros and Cons

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Various types of materials to make a bathroom countertop that is provided in the market now is sometimes confused to make your choice. There are a wide variety of course materials that have advantages and disadvantages of each. You need steady considerations before you determine the choice. Here is the bathroom countertop materials are most often used with the pros and cons will help you determine the best option.

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Types of Bathroom Countertop Materials

  • Granite

Granite is one of the popular bathroom countertop materials, have a variety of colors and provide an attractive finish to Your countertop. Natural stone is also resistant to humidity, of course, this will be very useful in your bathroom. Also, the granite is also resistant to heat, so you don’t have to worry about against everything you put in Your countertops. Granite is also very easy to clean and easy to care. However, in addition to a wide range of advantages provided by this natural stone, you have to pay dearly to get them. Yes, they have a price that is very expensive when compared to other materials. Also, you also need the services of an expert to install them in your bathroom.

  • Marble

The elite widely uses marble; this is because the actual marble is a precious stone. However, as the development era, marble material widely used for countertops in your bathroom. Because marble is a precious stone, then it is very expensive. This certainly will be comparable to the results given. Marble resistant to dents and is also more durable. You can Polish the marble surface to get a matte finish on Your countertop. Marble is flexible and adaptable to different forms of designs to give a beautiful finish. Compared with wood, marble is expensive and requires sealing to keep from scratching.

  • Concrete

Concrete is indeed known only as a material industry. Today, however, many contractors have developed concrete became one of the bathroom countertop materials worth you have. Concrete is known to have the capability of surviving very long. Even you can bequeath them to your next generation. Also, the concrete is also known to have the ability to easily molded into different designs. It is certainly very beneficial because you can easily adjust your countertop for your needs. Concrete is quite friendly and comes in different colors to form decorative inlays. However, you will need a Wax and sealed to the concrete surface due to the concrete surface is very porous. You should hire the services of professionals who have been accustomed to working with concrete to get a good concrete bathroom countertop.

  • Tiles

Tile a bathroom countertop materials into alternative options. They have a price that is more affordable and easy to clean. This will make your bathroom more comfortable and hygienic. Also, in the case of damage, the tile is easy to be replaced. You can remodel using tiles in your bathroom by using different layouts and colors and so you need not stick to one pattern for a long time. However, you need to note that they easily chip when you put a huge burden on top of the countertop and tile can create stains and mildews if you are less careful when caring for them.

  • Laminate

Bathroom countertop material is very easy to find on the market. Many motifs are available when you use the laminate countertop materials as you. They are easy to clean and also resistant to water. Also, the laminate is also resistant to mold and mildew is usually formed on the surface, so that the laminate is safer to use. Laminate also is known as cheap bathroom countertop materials. This is because you do not need to use the services of a professional when going to install them. You can do it yourself so that you can save your money. One of the cons of the laminate is that in the case of damage, You will need to replace one full sheet because they can not be fixed. Besides, the laminate also tends to be boring from time to time. Perhaps by changing the motif laminate will be more refreshing the appearance of Your countertop.