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Types Of Bathroom Vanity Height

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If you want to put a new vanity on your bathroom, you have to think the bathroom vanity height. A comfort height of vanity is range 32”-36”. Modern bathroom vanity even becomes taller recently and sometimes it is called as comfort height vanities. The height may come different including standard height, comfort height and including sink height. The standard one is decided by the average height of most of bathroom vanities.

Standard Bathroom Vanity Height 32″

Actually, the bathroom vanity can range from 30”-36”. However, 32” is appropriate for homes that have children so that they can reach the vanity easily. This standard height has a short history in which after the post war, there were many homes with two bedrooms and single bathroom. This means that the children will share the bathroom including the vanity with their parents. That is why, the height is lower to make the children reach it easily. In modern era, the height is changed to make the users feel comfortable. The new standard is comfort height.

Comfort Bathroom Vanity Height 36”

These new height standards of vanities are taller than standard vanity height. This aims to reduce the force to bend your hands during wash up. This height, 36”, also fits to a standard kitchen countertop that is used by adults to cook. Children could reach this height, so this height is therefore good for adults’ home. A bathroom vanity can be lower to make an extra height for the sink. The vessel sinks usually has 5-6” of height. It means that if you want a vessel sink at the comfort height, you need 30” for the vanity.

After all, the size of bathroom vanity is up to your preference and your family members. You also have to consider that your children will grow up fast, so that you need comfort height than the standard one. Most of current vanity is 36” in height, but if you think it is taller you can reduce it based on your circumstances. If you want accessible bathroom, you may choose the standard height to make it easier. The vessel sinks are also needed for homes without young children, since they will reach it hard. Hopefully, this article will be useful for you in deciding your bathroom vanity height. Remember that the height depends on what you need, so you do not always follow the required standard of bathroom vanity height.