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Types of Wood Floors in Bathroom

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Wood floors in bathroom are absolutely gorgeous. Wood has distinctive characters which are great to be applied in any room and bathroom though. Wood can be applied for flooring, wall treatment, and ceiling as well. And in this case we are talking about wood in the bathroom for flooring. Is it possible? Yes, it is absolutely possible! Perhaps you are tired and bored to see there are tiles in every corner of your bathroom. Then this must be the time for you to enchant your lovely bathroom with warm and charming atmosphere. It is a great idea to build up warm atmosphere in the bathroom, remembering you use that room in order to release the stress and relax.

Hard wood is better

If you have a plan to apply wood for bathroom floor, it is better to choose hardwood on it. Hardwood has variety of kind either, in case you need the best fiber or pattern. Well, wood is best combined in any kind of interior style. Whether you like the modern or Victorian style, wood floors in bathroom will complement the bathroom’s look. It will bring the warm atmosphere and it is also able to make the occupant feels calm. So, if you intend to bring in the wood into your bathroom, you definitely should do that, as long as the space is available.

Wood flooring types

Nowadays you can find at least two main types of wood flooring in the market. Those two are best known as the famous type though.

The first type is unfinished and factory-finished wood flooring. The floorings are made in manufacturer. The unfinished type is sanded by manufacturer and you can apply any coat you want. Meanwhile, the factory finished wood flooring is the type which comes to your home with complete sealing. You just need to install them.

Solid and engineered wood flooring is the other type. The solid wood type is a solid wood in the whole part. You can choose the thickness according to your need. The benefit is you can sand and enchant them every time you want.

The other kind, engineered wood floors are coming from real wood. To give the color of the wood you can put veneer on it. Since the wood will be applied for bathroom, just make sure that it can protect the wood from humid and water. The location should be considered at the dry area in case of wood floors in bathroom.